Swizzle Sticks and Cherry Stems

Drifting down the gutters
Debris falling off some truck
Connecting two connections
This life I lead just sucks

Pissing through a swizzle stick
If you can piss at all
Mouth is full of cotton
Writing on the shit house walls

Don’t cry for me Argentina
Wait that’s a different gig
He’s not looking at you, be cool
Zwere not up here collecting pigs

Slack jaw got the chiva
Put the ordnance away
We all got different actions
We all know this is pay

© 2012 Michael Yost 2/4

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12 responses to “Swizzle Sticks and Cherry Stems

  1. whoah! this one is straight up gangster, brutal reality but there is an honesty to it 🙂 I like


  2. very honest, life could suck at times,

    mostly, it depends on how one takes,
    Glad to have you share, smiles.



  3. Definitely a difficult time. Your rhythm and expression are really good. I work with youth that have probably experienced this a time or two. It helps me see them.


  4. just always oversomes evil,

    blessings, you rock.


  5. I love the lingo in this lyric!


  6. honest, powerful thoughts…

    have a fun valentine’s day.


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