Preparing to Sail

The first thought is the wind pushing past my fears
Next are the mast and sails collecting my tears
The rudder and wheel are needed now to steer
Sextant, chart and compass, when the nights are clear

Where we go from there depends on the treasure
Estimating time to sail and how much time for leisure
How much gold we split for us and the crew’s measure
And needing a backup plan for the crew’s displeasure

© 2012 Michael Yost 2/11

The Poetry Pantry Is Now Open! – # 87

20 responses to “Preparing to Sail

  1. Good job at taking a very common theme and making it fresh.


  2. love this its like the owl and the pussycat right il row boogey where are we going love the poem hope your well xxjen hope i do not offend you my calling you boogey is just a friedly gesture


  3. Well ship ahoy matey.. cast off all lines!


  4. reads like a well planned journey but anything often can happen along the way 🙂


  5. Love the rhyme. Somehow the ship seems to be a comforting friend to a scared, sad sailor. The optimism in the next stanza is welcome.


  6. Ahoy matey! Sounds like you’re ready to shove off and set sail for the far horizon. Nice rolling rhythm and rhyme.


  7. mastery of words showed here…

    you seem in transition of emotions, good luck.


  8. I really like the lilt and rhythm of this piece……the setting out and the hint of unknown possibilities.


  9. Pardon my asking, but do you not mean ‘sextant’ – an aid to navigation, not ‘sexton’ a custodian of sacred objects, or officer of the church? I thought your first line a lovely introduction…


  10. Lovin’ the rhythm and rhyme


  11. I like the first two lines in particular, and what it says in general. I think you are a bit limited by your own rhyme scheme, and maybe if you were to try rhyming couplets, with more scope for varying the rhymes, it could make the poem even better. It’s an interesting poem with a god feel, and I think it would repay the extra work.


    • Let me first say thank you because it’s rare to have someone actually want to help me further my craft. I’ve been writing a long time without furthering my education on the subject; not something I would normally admit, but I’m sure the learned could tell right off. I do write based on what I feel at the time. If you wouldn’t mind I would like to hear more since you brought it up. If you would like to take the time and email an example using this piece I would appreciate it. I am open to any sort of help I can get. Thanks again.


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