Country Sipping and Dipping

The well is deep but the water’s sweet
And the bucket includes a ladle
In case you just want a sip
Or have some for the table

The water’s ice cold so unless your bold
I’d heat some for that bath
And whoever puts some down your back
Had better watch out for your wrath

© 2012 Michael Yost 2/12

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7 responses to “Country Sipping and Dipping

  1. Lol. Well said! A ladle of cold water down the back would likely incur just about ANYone’s wrath, methinks.


  2. I adore this poem! Thanks for the read


  3. Clever way to use the prompt! I love the line of defense at the end, so true~
    I enjoyed it!


  4. Yes well water is so much better (unless you discover water snakes in your well like my dad did once) eewwwww!


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