Healthy and Wise

Knots in my shoulders and not’s in my brain
Trying to convey what I know is a strain
Foggy feelings talking over, one another
And more do speak up I soon discover

Ranting and raging are nothing but sounds
And what comes over us keeps us bound
Closing our eyes blind to how futile it is
Is like fanning all our thoughts into burnt ashes

The philosopher comes down from the highest hill
We hope to gain his knowledge to fill our will
The simple words that are spoken do surprise
Saying we have all that we need to be Healthy and wise

It’s an inward journey that needs to be taken
You need no high mountain to be awakened
The only lofty ideas that need be sought
Are the ones put together that you’ve already been taught

© 2012 Michael Yost 2/12

10 responses to “Healthy and Wise

  1. Dear Michael … I do not know how you prefer to be addressed … (okay and please refrain from saying that you’d prefer to be undressed)…. what I do know is that I am very delighted that you stopped by “Imagine” and left a comment which led me to you… Healthy and Wise is a song that will be playing in my mind over and over again. Bravo!


  2. I like this very much…you are very wise yourself.


  3. I love, LOVE that opening line!


  4. Yes… amazing write! Love it !


  5. Reminds me of Lao Tsu. Knowing one has enough is what makes one “rich”. 🙂


    • We always seem to be looking outside ourselves for solutions. Religion (God in a box), chemicals, and self help gurus were the ones I never really found any comfort from. I am spiritual and have a Higher Power and He lives within me.


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