Metaphors suggest
One thing is like another
Connecting pieces

Interlocking the ideas
Helping understand the puzzle


© 2012 Michael Yost 2/15

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15 responses to “Metaphors

  1. Nice, nice, and more nice!! Loved it Michael. When you get a chance, would you check mine out and let me know if you spot anything amiss? First time I’m trying this. so it would be helpful to know if I did it wrong. I see one thing you did different and that is to separate your 5-7-5 from your 7-7. I did the 5-7,5-7 ending with 5-7-7. Thanks, Terri


  2. lovely one,

    we can write a waka, 5 7 5 77,
    or a choke, 5 7 5 7 5 7 5 7 7 ,

    it is easy to get confused, I tried mine, Thanks for sharing yours.


  3. love the last two lines the best.

    brilliant lines.


  4. this is handsome poetry.

    poem on.



  5. Methaphors are like keys. I love the poem!


  6. I’m really enjoying the different styles happening through the poetic form prompt. Really love this.

    Tale Spinning


  7. You have expressed it very beautifully!


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