Senryu Fifty Four

My house is your home
Opening the doors for you
I expect respect

© 2012 Michael Yost 2/16

The Think Tank Thursday #84-Home

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11 responses to “Senryu Fifty Four

  1. I love it….esp. the last line:)
    My husband keeps threatening to put a ‘gun-box’ inside the door, but instead of depositing guns like they did in the Wild West everyone would be expected to deposit their cell-phones, so we can have eye-to eye conversations!


  2. Yes, for sure. When you go to someone else’s home it is only good manners to show them respect.
    Nicely said Mr Boo 🙂


  3. Respect, and common courtesy. Two true measures of character.


  4. You said a lot there! Well done.


  5. Very clever! so much said in so few words~


  6. Simple and direct….lovely


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