Being Forgetful

Caught in the act of forgetfulness
Our night starts at the setting sun
The movie, the dinner, the dancing
It’s right there at the tip of my tongue

The time spent together snuggling
On the porch swing with the yellow light
Talking about each other’s futures
Trying to remember with all of my might

The later the evening the cooler it gets
As the time nears closer to leaving
Here’s my name and number, may I have yours?
There I asked without being deceiving

© 2012 Michael Yost 2/27

10 responses to “Being Forgetful

  1. The made me giggle out loud. Nicely done.


  2. Would be nice if it did happen though 😉


  3. We redream a past that never happened. Nice none-the-less.


  4. Sometimes one’s memory is like that…there one minute and gone the next…and then later on you wonder why the light came on when it is all said and done. Well done. To not remember but to seem like you did is the best.


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