The Sun also Sets

The morning arrives just in time
As does the memories sublime
Mornings again sings the lifetime
Memories hammer home, wartime

It’s really bad reliving my youth
Over and over again, the truth
Memories reborn needs no sleuth
Inflating the birth pains of losing Ruth

© 2012 Michael Yost 3/1

The Think Tank Thursday #86-Rebirth
Poetry Picnic Week 26: Seven Deadly Sins

17 responses to “The Sun also Sets

  1. A lovely write, and I enjoyed the rhyme.


  2. Janaki Nagaraj



  3. I agree it is sad and so well done!


  4. o my!! that was touching, such sadness!!! I enjoyed the rhymes 🙂 Thanks boo!


  5. very well said, the sadness come across your your verses beautiful.


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