Rom 4: 13-25 Lenten Day 12

Father of us all
Was the promise given him
By Abraham’s faith

One hundred years old
Sarah ninety barren
Gave glory to God

© 2012 Michael Yost 3/4

I hope this inspires you to check
the scripture for yourself.

This is not supposed to replace
the Word of God; it’s only my

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15 responses to “Rom 4: 13-25 Lenten Day 12

  1. i will read this scripture.. I haven’t read the bible in a long time.. but I feel like i should


  2. and i just think I should add that this scripture correlates exactly with something that has been bothering my faith lately.. thank you Michael


  3. Looks like your journey is having a positive and reflective effect on your readers ~~ awesome, awesome!!!

    I enjoyed reading your perspective, and thank you for sharing!


    • It’s given me an opportunity do get back into the word on a daily basis. I find it harder to be as poetic as you and some of the others. It’s difficult for me to change or augment the 1611 version’s translation. Having said that, I enjoy yours and the others poetification of the word very much.


  4. A wonderful set of haiku Booguloo. I feel almost the same. I haven’t read the Bible for a long time, but now … during this Lent Haiku Journey … I have to. Reading the biblical phrases Terrie has given us make me happy and even restores my faith.

    Blessed Be


  5. Very Nice, Michael! Seems we were all picking up the same thread in this one 🙂


  6. As a child, this was always one of my favorite stories.

    Nicely done, Michael.



    • I just found out my ex wife is 5 months pregnant. Normally that would be accepted as really good news, but she’s 55 years old. Looks like it’s been decided that she’s going full term.


  7. When I read the scripture, all I could think of was Sarah’s laughter! I am left wondering where laughter and faith cross!

    “Father of us all” carries a wonderful surplus of meaning. Well done!


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