Is That my Work?

Today the words come free and easy
Tomorrow I’ll forget what I wrote
It’s scary to think I’ll never know
What’s in that castle, surrounded by that moat?

Comments come and I have to go back
To read the piece that was part of my heart
What’s the answer why this is happening?
That I have to go back to the very start

Ease my fears and say I’m not alone
This anxiety never goes away
Should I accept this as it is now?
Is there anything else left to say?

© 2012 Michael Yost 3/8

10 responses to “Is That my Work?

  1. You’re preachin’ to the choir here…boy, I tell ya…


  2. “This anxiety never goes away”

    I relate. Very much so.

    “Should I accept this as it is now?”

    This question can apply to a multitude of things. Great depth.


  3. Accept the anxiety as it is now. Even we are like you. Even we have days when poems spill out in a stroke of inspiration and days when we have to give up in frustration. I love the metaphor of the castle. Really good poem.


    • Thanks for the input. I think we all need a certain amount of reassurance from our peers. I believe a lot of us are the madmen(people) alone on top of the mountain trying to get our messages listened to.


  4. LOL. Someone asked me a few weeks back to tell them some of my poetry, aka spontaneously recite it. My mind was TOTALLY blank. I also have multiple note books that I write down random ideas in. Often when I go back, I have no recollection of where the idea came from. Too many ideas. So little time.


  5. Paul Andrew Russell

    When I was a kid, Michael, I was used as the family’s phone directory as I had an amazing ability to remember all kinds of numbers. Alas, now I have to write stuff down or it’s lost in that ocean where people our age lose their thoughts. 🙂 I couldn’t recite a single one of my poems without it being there in front of me.

    Nice piece of writing.


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