Hummingbird’s Feather

A hummingbird feather’s delicate
No longer than a pinky nail’s wide
I know if I ever did find one
I’d think I was in heaven and died

© 2012 Michael Yost 3/15

16 responses to “Hummingbird’s Feather

  1. Oh, that would be so tiny! The hummingbirds haven’t returned yet. When they do, I’ll keep my eye out for a feather.


  2. Google is so helpful in these poetry pursuits, I find.

    I like your piece very much – especially that last line! My dad used always to say that about a cat that had some cream, “He thinks he’s died and gone to heaven!”

    Kat, of Poetikat’s Invisible Keepsakes (Acadianeire in WordPress)


    • Thanks for the visit and the comments. They are always welcome as are you. I did enjoy reading some of the pieces on your blog and found them to be entertaining as well as informative.


  3. Clever and so visual! I love it~ I love taking photos of them…I so can see the beauty in your words 😀


  4. They are magical to find, just like the birds to bear them. Wonderful poem.


  5. a hummingbird feather? 🙂 I love feathers Since I was little I used to collect them (smile)


    • I have a friend who makes dream catchers and he buys bags of feathers. I never thought to ask him about getting hummingbird feathers for the real small ones he makes.


  6. A friend of mine was kayaking and stopped at a small island on Kennedy Lake….on that island, as she was walking through the trees, she happened upon a teensy hummingbird’s nest with eggs init! Can you imagine? We get so many hummingbirds here all spring and summer that I usually wind up with one or two wandering inside, where they flutter at the window till I come to rescue them. I cup them gently in my hands to take them outside and it is truly like holding air. So tiny. Feels lovely when I let them go.


    • I can’t imagine having that many hummingbirds around. We’ve always kept the red sugar feeders up and attracted maybe two or three a summer. I would love to see a nest someday.


  7. Yes they must be quite hard to find, I’ve only seen the actual bird two or three times in my whole life, nice take on the prompt.


  8. booguloo,

    A beautiful image from your words, especially as I see see several hummingbirds, two weeks ago while sitting in the sunshine on holiday in San Francisco.
    Delicate as a butterflies wings…..



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