Rocket Man Afternoon

Afternoon upon us
Looking at today’s feats
This is my second one
And Silliness has peaked

Let me say the coffee’s cold
That’s OK it’s warm outside
The jitters are all gone
Lunch pushed breakfast aside

© 2012 Michael Yost 3/15

7 responses to “Rocket Man Afternoon

  1. a long morning in short sweet statements 🙂 this made me smile, thank you!


  2. Hi Michael
    funny and melancholy, lovely poem.


  3. Have you ever been published offiially, like in a book? I truly think you should be. I haven’t taken part in the past few rallies, and I’ve missed your poems in particular.


  4. That’s exactly my argument for not writing a book myself; thanks or validating my feelings a litte.


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