Abilify or not to Abilify*

Having the right to be whole
Fighting depression takes a toll
I now have a choice to choose
What symptoms I’d rather lose

I can be fatigued all day
Or be depressed the other way
Falling asleep at the keyboard
Or shrinking away being abhorred

I’ve decided not to be fatigued
I need a new med(s) to work in league
With what I take so I can be free
From depression that plagues me

© 2012 Michael Yost 3/19

*It supplements other depression
Medications. It can have Different side
side affects with others or none at all

14 responses to “Abilify or not to Abilify*

  1. I have known two people in whom depression turned out to be a fatal illness. No logic could remove the misery, until it all became too much for them to bear. I wonder if more modern medication would have saved them?


    • Modern medications and or therapy could have helped them. If you know anybody that is suffering with depression or any other mental disorder I would recommend as a friend to try and convince them to talk to a suicide hotline, friend, family member, a responsible adult, clergy or doctor, any doctor who can get them the help they need. If you think they are going to hurt themselves or someone else, you need to let one of those I recommended be aware or the police (911 if the situation merits it).


  2. I apparently am “immune” to the dozen or so meds and combinations tried thus far (over the past couple of years) … just completed some CEUs that focused on variety of forms of depression … there is some research of nutrition relation … so I think I am going to start the nutritional supplement approach and see if it makes a difference.


    • I was also starting to experience ESP’s and TD on Abilify, but the exhaustion was the killer. Being a Meth user for years makes finding the right combination meds harder. If it were up to me I’d love to dam the torpedos and go full speed ahead by adding provigil to bupropion and lamictal which I’m currently on but my PNP raises her eyebrows, smiles and says, “you wish”. You might want to look at omega 3 and potassium for supplements. Let me know how successful you are. Speaking of supplements you should go to Maps.org.


  3. Making some of the hard decisions to take care of yourself. That’s such a good thing. I’m so glad you are proactive about your own care. To many people give up and don’t realize there is help out there. My sister was one. Suicide at 27. It was very sad. We’re glad you’re here, Michael, making us think and chuckle over your work.



    • I am really sorry for your loss. What’s helped me the most is the LSD experiences in my youth. I used to keep a “tripstone” In my pocket and if the trip was turning sideways I would pull out the stone, rub it and then look at it. I would remember what it felt like and what it looked like straight; this would bring me to reality long enough to get the trip back on track. I more or less do the same thing with depression; I know my depression is a chemical issue and I find a “tripstone” and it would bring out of the deepest depressions so I could cope. They tell me the best comedians are the most depressed, so I’m glad I can make someone chuckle. I guess comedy is another “tripstone”.


  4. I think comedy is.

    Thanks for this response.

    Michael, you’ve been so adventurous in your life. I think my adventures have been mostly in the library and at the keyboard. I feel so dull! 😉


  5. When you have depression, it’s more than feeling sad. Intense feelings of sadness and other symptoms, like losing interest in things you enjoy, may last for a while. Depression is a medical illness, not a sign of weakness. And it’s treatable.`

    Look over our blog as well


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