Adjusting Words Past

Come over here and sit by me
On the soft grass under the oak tree
Dreams faded away paint cracked and curled
Once were the days you were still my girl

Deny not the smiles they were real
Fears from broken hearts past did peal
Let’s make things right don’t go astray
Adjust the words I said and didn’t say

The sun’s going down the end of the day
Look at the time spent we’ve had to pay
We have to go now and I don’t know how
Accepting defeat again with closure now

Let me give hope back filling your heart
Give it a chance we’ll have a new start
With our tracks behind us converging
Let’s be together once again merging

Don’t take me down on bending knees
I don’t want to but beg I will please
If it’s your will then I’ll push this rock
Never again your door will I knock

© 2012 Michael Yost 3/22

24 responses to “Adjusting Words Past

  1. So hard to walk away from that door.


  2. ah, the agonies of love.grief is the price we pay for love.


  3. That was beautifully penned and it was a great use of rhyme.


  4. I understand this, Michael. In the past I have often been tempted too, but thankfully USUALLY (not always) common sense intervened. I do think many can identify with your words here. Here’s mine for the pantry:


  5. “Deny not the smiles they were real” I love this line. I think this is my favorite of your poems. I can really relate to it. It’s very touching!


  6. You really set the scene here: that opening stanza is a beauty. The tone remains consistently wistful throughout.. the reader is drawn in to the speaker’s appeal… I hope she took him back. Sounds like he could do with a second chance.


  7. betweensilences

    Romance with honesty and realism.. the dignified stand of the speaker is especially endearing.


  8. betweensilences

    Very romantic and dignified. Well written.


  9. Beautifully written…expressive..


  10. Lovely and wistful write!


  11. In my mind — I still replay some scenarios … Why? I don’t know … they just seem to gather for a “sneak attack”!


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