Lend me Your Ear, Heart or Hand

This is not poetry, it’s a edited copy of a response I made to a post.I was homeless,getting a divorce, using and drinking. There’s nothing like having a cardboard mattress outside in the winter. Boo hoo for me. I finally was able to get off the drugs and drink and got the medication I needed to cope with bipolar, depression and low self esteem. Most of my lifestyle required decisions to be that way and living that way. There’s hundreds of us at U.S. Vets (Non Profit Corp) in Long Beach CA. who finally made some better decisions not to be out there. There are others out there in the same condition that can make educated decisions about changing there lifestyle and getting help from dwindling services (another story) right now. The new influx of homeless people (losing everything outside of their control) are in a state of depression and shock they’ve never had to deal with before. Most of us are one paycheck away from the same plight of these new homeless. Most people want less taxes, so government programs are getting less funding. I don’t know the answers to these issues outside of donating some of ourselves to help instead of the money that we really can’t spare by volunteering. There are more and more suburban outreach facilities coming into existence if you feel you can’t get into the trenches of the urban consider suburban (for the “new” homeless) or for the Veterans that are coming back in the V.A. Hospitals. Consider 4 hours of your time every 2 weeks or a month to make a difference. You’ll be repaid.

9 responses to “Lend me Your Ear, Heart or Hand

  1. I hope many hear your call. Every drip in the bucket counts during a drought. Even donating a bag of groceries to a food bank means so much to those in need.


  2. Thank you for outreaching with a wake-up call or reminder for us … it is only a very thin veil for many to lose everything in a blink of an eye. Security cannot be taken for granted. Thank you for sharing ~~ Many blessings … and thank you for your service to our country.


  3. I hear you… need to get more socially involved.
    4 hours every 2 weeks sounds very reasonable. thanks for this.


  4. Reblogged this on Cloaked Monk's Blog and commented:
    An impassioned plea from Michael, one of our angels…


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