Heb 4:14 – 5:4 Lenten Day 31

Tempted yet without sin
So that we can have mercy
Coming to the throne

Priest offered sacrifices
Compassion for ignorant

© 2012 Michael Yost 3/23

I hope this inspires you to check
the scripture for yourself.

This is not supposed to replace
the Word of God; it’s only my

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6 responses to “Heb 4:14 – 5:4 Lenten Day 31

  1. Short but a sweet write


  2. Compassion…for all of us. I feel particularly ignorant at times and remember that I never get it quite right when it comes to God. Thank God for grace that fills the gap.


    • You and me both. Faith and grace are hard stumbling blocks. Like the soldier said I believe help me in my disbelief. It’s not always easy for me to remember that Jesus is forever interceding for us and forget about grace and allow the doubts in. I can ride the bike, but sometimes I fall off.


  3. Even though I know that I know … I still forget to remember!! Hmmmm!


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