Heb 12 :1-11 Lenten Day 33

Run patient the race
Jesus stirs and ends our faith
Don’t faint in your minds

Despise not chastisement
God deals with you as His sons

Flesh father corrected
Both deserves reverence
Jesus corrects us

Chastisement seems grievous
Yields peaceful righteousness

© 2012 Michael Yost 3/25

I hope this inspires you to check
the scripture for yourself.

This is not supposed to replace
the Word of God; it’s only my

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4 responses to “Heb 12 :1-11 Lenten Day 33

  1. Discipline, even if much despised, does yield good results. Although, it is not so farfetched to think God’s discipline as a sign of his disfavor, especially in these days when only wealth and good things are considered as blessings.


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