Live and Learn

The cacophony of mosquitos surrounded our recruit; never told that perfumed soap drew insects like a moth to a flame. That morning she went to the river and took a bath without soap.

© 2012 Michael Yost 4/08
The 33-word stories are fun to read, but we wanted to give you a bit more leeway this weekend. The challenge is to write a response that is between 33 and 333 words long and uses the words listed below. Use the words however you wish, but make sure that all three appear in your response. Oh, and they must appear in order.

Good luck!

18 responses to “Live and Learn

  1. 🙂 good tip, not to use perfumed stuff! I love the story.


  2. Interesting write up.


  3. Yup, Michael. We learn by experience, don’t we?

    I tend to take vitamins that set off a stench to skeeters up here in AK or I would never be able to go out of my house. 🙂


  4. Short and sweet. Gets the job done without sounding contrived. Well done! 🙂


  5. I love to read your trifecta entries … your muse tickles me!! 😀


  6. This was entertaining and helpful! Bees like the floral scents, too…so au naturale is best 🙂


  7. I love the simplicity of this while it still tells a story in so few words. And it’s helpful, too, to those not in the know.


  8. Thanks for linking up this weekend. We hope you can come back for the weekday challenge too. Remember to check out our Facebook and Twitter pages for news on what’s happening on the site.


  9. Growing up in the UK, I’d never encountered mosquito’s in my life. So when I moved to Canada and there was one in the car I was told ‘Kill it quick, before it gets one of us.” Indignant, I refused, my reasoning being that, it had never harmed me, so why would I want to kill it simply because it was ‘there’ Once I discovered how much they liked my blood and, not only but alos the black fly (noseeums) and how allergic I was to them, I became the worlds worst killer of those bugs you can imagine. LOL We live and sometimes painfully on an IV drip in the ER, we learn.


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