Lined Distortion

Who is that man in the mirror?
Is he the one I used to know?
The boy with brown curly hair and
Faded freckles. There’s the hazel eyes.

Is that all that can be seen now?
How ironic is that; green eyes?
The nose was broken then and now.
Now the faded memories come forth.

The pictures are long gone now.
I can only piece the puzzle and
The man in the mirror forgot.
Not remembering what was then.

© 2012 Michael Yost 06/10

6 responses to “Lined Distortion

  1. The woman in my mirror is my mom. !! LOL!

    Have missed visiting here.


  2. Oh, I am not seeing my mom in the mirror — YET … but more and more I do see my grandmother in my mom!! I’m keeping my mirror!! 😀


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