Broken Spikes

Fixing those broken spikes with duct tape
Then after having danced through Gotham in his cape
A passerby deep in thought smiled and walked her route
All sucked up and not recognizable, he calls out

“Momma it’s me; momma.” surprised she turns
Memories and tears flowed causing her eyes to burn.
He lied, “Momma I’ve been clean and sober three weeks
You helped twice before and I failed because I was weak.”

It was discussed with his dad and set new boundaries
A third chance was given for his recovery
Not all succeed and the next day was his downfall
Found in the bathroom; his momma now wears her black shawl

© 2012 Michael Yost 07/24

5 responses to “Broken Spikes

  1. The third time is not always the charm. Both gut wrenching and heartfelt, this is an excellent write on addiction, Michael. SO many forget, its victims are more than just the users.


  2. Oh, Micheal! This one staked me right through my heart!


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