Monthly Archives: August 2012

Watering the Soul

My tears fill the hole that she left behind
I built it inside my soul, where she was enshrined
My chin sitting upon my chest feeling confined
Fog covers the dark street where I walk resigned

Mutual friends cross the street in advance
Passing with their loud whispers and piercing glance
Looking up from their footfalls and my trance
I wave with a smile under these circumstances

Twisting and turning trying to find the crack
When we talked, it became personal attacks
Things were put aside, that used to be whacked
Watching two people turn each other’s heart black

Stripping new wires to try and connect
Amperage too high, another reject
Nothing left to do with too much to expect
Boarding up the hole and my soul now introspect

©2012 Michael Yost 08/30


It’s been a long time since I’ve seen your smile
Here I am shackled, breaking rocks, into piles
Halfway through, my 30 year’s sentence from the trial
I’m hoping you knew, our date was still worthwhile

We ate a good meal and were talking in our booth
Loud laughing through dessert, while the others blamed our youth
The ice cream found the cavity in my tooth
And you noticed my pain; you being the great sleuth

If you had been psychic that beautiful day
You’d be alive writing about my feet of clay
We’ll never know why he decided to betray
I know I was nailed down watching you pray

I was trapped in my mind and not able to move
There was a sliver of light that opened a groove
My alarm went off and I hoped my dream might improve
A nightmare that even Scooby and Shaggy couldn’t approve

© 2012 Michael Yost 08/23

Three Word Title

Taking steps two at a time
Reaching the plateaus one line in a crime
Energy abounding easing the climb
Awakening my feelings sublime

The peaking is over, so are the lines
Starting to roll down avoiding the mines
Picking up speed I notice a sign
Watch your footing there’s a deadline

Vacillating between a deadline and a new score
The essay could go faster if I scored more
I woke with a jerk, head on the keyboard
Leaving an impression on my forehead and I swore


© 2012 Michael Yost 08/15

The Sun Will Rise Tomorrow

I wish I could say as to why
The sun merrily floats across the sky
Every day without any consideration
Clear or cloudy, it’s been our observation
The sun exposes everything to the mindful
It should make us aware of becoming plural
It rains when there’s tears or laughter
Rice falling after our vows on the altar


© 2012 Michael Yost 08/12

Curling Smoke

Cutting the strings that had bound my heart
Curling up with the smoke as it departs
From the hot embers that refuse to cool
Songs, thoughts, or dreams for a fool

A forgotten memory of the first kiss
Now able to listen to our songs I miss
Thoughts awake and dreams while I sleep
Acceptance comes hard, witnessed when I weep

© 2012 Michael Yost 08/09


Shadows from the past never let you go
Reminds me of my butt I push or tow
Much of my memory occluded by snow
Shadows from the past never let you grow

Whispers tossed astray with the northern wind
Butterflies and moths stay put for they’re pinned
Listen closely, hear their cries chagrined
Making it so harder they can’t rescind

Using my inside the home voice I spoke
But the rain came and washed words over his cloak
While my shadow was laughing to evoke
Starting to cry; my shadow joined in to stroke

My love walked by, he looked and wanted to attend
Armored hand offered; “looks like you need a friend
Someone who could help you to transcend
Take my hand so I can approach and defend”

Taking his arm and walking with a lion’s pride
Shadows behind us trying to keep up our stride
Once we were together I’ve never left his side
Our shadows are now lucid when I became his bride

© 2012 Michael Yost 08/05