The Sun Will Rise Tomorrow

I wish I could say as to why
The sun merrily floats across the sky
Every day without any consideration
Clear or cloudy, it’s been our observation
The sun exposes everything to the mindful
It should make us aware of becoming plural
It rains when there’s tears or laughter
Rice falling after our vows on the altar


© 2012 Michael Yost 08/12

14 responses to “The Sun Will Rise Tomorrow

  1. The sun brings light to such wonderful things in our life. 🙂 Lovely poem. Although, I think “alter” should be “altar.” Cheers!


  2. Such a lovely closure!


  3. I hope we can count on that for tomorrow… 🙂


  4. bless your tomorrow.

    excellent write.


  5. Hello,
    Thanks for being part of Thursday Poets Rally and hope to see your continued support.. …your input is valued…
    We are giving you the perfect poet award for week 71 today, enjoy!
    If you take it, please nominate another poet in your poem post, and leave your acceptance link under our award post, thank you in advance!
    Happy End of August!
    Looking forward to seeing you in the rally next time again!


  6. Thank you for your continued responsiveness to my posts.
    Always, Ellen


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