Three Word Title

Taking steps two at a time
Reaching the plateaus one line in a crime
Energy abounding easing the climb
Awakening my feelings sublime

The peaking is over, so are the lines
Starting to roll down avoiding the mines
Picking up speed I notice a sign
Watch your footing there’s a deadline

Vacillating between a deadline and a new score
The essay could go faster if I scored more
I woke with a jerk, head on the keyboard
Leaving an impression on my forehead and I swore


© 2012 Michael Yost 08/15

11 responses to “Three Word Title

  1. Well, I got a clue from your tags…drugs. Thank goodness just a dream!


  2. An impression of your forehead on the keyboard–literally, words emerge from your head. Great work, Michael.


  3. Glad I called by your blog and found this poem. A great rhythmic roll to it all. A journey at great speed and then an instant awakening…..Rather like writing, rolling down a plain or simply dreaming:)


  4. Wow, this is such great writing. Your poems are a great joy to read!


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