Monthly Archives: September 2012

Dreaming Paranoia

Four walls surrounding me
An invisible force field
Won’t allow me to leave
Shadows can’t grasp it all

I’m responsible to me
My own parameters
Isolation my choice
No drama from others

Not being able to see my
Silent places outdoors
Makes me grieve until
Until the sun rises

© 2012 Michael Yost 09/28

Bye and Bi

One more day of sadness
Taking away my control
Over thoughts causing madness
Another day swallowed whole

Leaving a trail of hurt
Of loved ones around me
Left twisting in my dirt
Because med’s aren’t guaranteed

Bye and bi a new day starts
Trying to make amends
Hoping I didn’t break your hearts
Or I might descend again

© 2012 Michael Yost 09/27

You Hold our Love in Your Hands

I shake and shiver before your presence
You hold my love in your hands today
I didn’t mean anything talking to him
A friend from the past catching up our loves

Now waiting for your distrust to go away
He can’t enter my life, he has his own
We remembered our friendship we once held
Friendship has past and it’s just a memory

You and I have developed a stronger bond
Reasoning without the whole picture blows up
You’re the only one lover and friend
You hold our love in your hands today


© 2012 Michael Yost 09/25


Feeling the burn I’ve almost reached the wall
Ashes culminating, cushioning my fall
Physical burning now attacks my feelings
So much for now, they have me on my knees praying

The ashes slip beneath my blistered knees
Efforts to reach the wall, can’t be done with ease
Suddenly the film’s slapping the take up reel
Mocking my hopelessness that I can’t conceal

©2012 Michael Yost 09/24

Changing Time

Trying to catch time as it sails away with the wind.
Hoping to reverse the course back to where I’d sinned
My moment of clarity stopped at others expense
No matter what I tried, the gate was locked on the fence

Once the bell has tolled, the sound can’t be ignored
Even if I could change the wind, time and discord
The bell eventually would be replaced by a shotgun
But being lucky it was a single barrel and I could run

©2012 Michael Yost 09/19


Caught in a waterspout; plucked from our boat
Going up in a spiral, afraid with little hope
Dropped us in the clouds, falling back to the water
Won’t consider jumping, it looks like an adventure

Stepping up to the highest cloud above
We were surprised to see a pair of doves
Only a step away to reach the tallest mountains
We made cloud sculptures then sold at a bargain

©2012 Michael Yost 09/09

Inner Rhyme


Rhythm of the rails relaxing and rolling

Like the waves rocking the boat’s hull

Taking advantage of life it’s soothing

Passengers around me complain it’s dull


The conductor yells, “Syracuse next stop ”

Automatic memory grabbing luggage

Adrift again, floating at the station’s drop

From two rails to one to the end of my voyage


©2012 Michael Yost 09/08