Bye and Bi

One more day of sadness
Taking away my control
Over thoughts causing madness
Another day swallowed whole

Leaving a trail of hurt
Of loved ones around me
Left twisting in my dirt
Because med’s aren’t guaranteed

Bye and bi a new day starts
Trying to make amends
Hoping I didn’t break your hearts
Or I might descend again

© 2012 Michael Yost 09/27

6 responses to “Bye and Bi

  1. Interesting, do you mind explaining your meaning behind this one?


  2. Well expressed. Bi-polar can be a terrible illness to cope with at times. Hope you’re feeling better soon.


  3. No that’s ok, I know about the bipolar but the poem reminded me of another scenario so I just wondered what situation you were trying to portray 🙂


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