Monthly Archives: November 2012


Wind increasing the orange red flames
Sparks and embers rising from hell again
Igniting the wind driven tumbleweed
Given to spread new life shedding their seeds

Pushing ahead of the raging flames
Not given into the licks of his pain
Watching her seeds being exposed to the heat
Falling through the flames to complete

Green away, green away, green away all
There goes brown, tan and the burning brawl
Watch as the hills turn black blue, and gray
Then the tumbleweed will raise another day

@ 2012 Michael Yost 11/21


Cockatoo screaming in another room
Trying to concentrate with the screeching gloom
“I beg attention”, I know what he’s saying
Alone in this cage with his feathers fraying

Pulling them out gives satisfaction
No longer does he feel your attention
Only seed husks are left in his food bowl
Leaves a hunger digging a deep hole

His water bowl is worse filled with his shit
Changing food and water means to commit
Time to get real and to show how to love
You never know who’s watching from above

© 2012 Michael Yost 11/05


Souring his stomach from his glut
Angst gurgles into his gullet
Gaskets blown out, spewing spirits
We hear and run for the exits

Accusations pile at our feet
Spitting nothing new, same old beat
Bloated birds are gasping from the flu
Inhale all you see, Mr Q Magoo

“Oh Magoo, you’ve done it again!”
Meeting your only foe, vein to brain
Inhaled, and got by without a patch
Roaming over and under without a scratch

© 2012 Michael Yost 11/5