Wind increasing the orange red flames
Sparks and embers rising from hell again
Igniting the wind driven tumbleweed
Given to spread new life shedding their seeds

Pushing ahead of the raging flames
Not given into the licks of his pain
Watching her seeds being exposed to the heat
Falling through the flames to complete

Green away, green away, green away all
There goes brown, tan and the burning brawl
Watch as the hills turn black blue, and gray
Then the tumbleweed will raise another day

@ 2012 Michael Yost 11/21

8 responses to “Seeds

  1. … and so goes the rhythm of our days. I like this, Michael.

    Hope that you have much to be thankful for this days …


  2. have a profound day.

    love the colors and imagery your words bring.


  3. It’s true…some seeds need fire in order to be able to grow…nature’s way.

    Hope all is well with you, Michael. I’ve recently moved in with my youngest daughter so I could be near her sister who just had a baby and help take care of her while the parents work. I love it. I was off my blog for a while when moving…hope to get back into it more regularly. xoxo


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