Marrow’s Keep

Does it always have to be six foot deep
Walking away saves words for the marrow weeps
Left all alone it watches and seeks
Little rabbit’s toes curl up as I peek

Tossing the rabbit’s foot on his casket
There is no way to hide our rabbit mascot
Ugly stares through their disgusting masks
They all knew that I was up to the task

Three legged rabbits stopped chewing their green grass
They all turned around to find my brass ass
Kicked to the curb to be left all alone
The rabbit stomped me into my bone’s

©2013 Michael Yost 01/23

3 responses to “Marrow’s Keep

  1. Hey, how are you!!!!


    • Watching the days whirling round. Before you know it it’s a week then a month. I’ve moved into my youngest son’s house. Getting used to different routine . When I was in alone It was my domain and I could do the things when I wanted to… Now it’s a different story. This probably is a better place than mine and being alone… not lonely so I’m digging in my heels in and staying quiet. The reason I moved in was to use less money HA HA.. smile. The muse is waiting on me now. I better listen or he’ll be gone if I wait any longer. Last I heard from you was that cupid was strumming your strings and you were happy. I hope that’s still the case. I’ve dropped all my poet’s contacts and they’re probably wondering where I’ve been. I still trudge through Face Book mainly for family, but I may start gaining my old friends and reading their work, but there only a few hours in my new schedule. Enjoy the rest of your day. Michael

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