Monthly Archives: February 2013

Stepping Out

What’s this that I hold in my two hands
Going through my fingers is white sand
Falling slowly at first nothing too grand
Now it’s covering my feet like quicksand

The dune’s sand becomes heavy round my feet
Not able to step out it’s set like concrete
It’s the witch’s spell dancing on the dune complete 
Yelling, “I’m stepping out now it’s my turn to cheat”

© 2013 Michael Yost 02/26

Who am I to Judge?

Rainstorms remind me to be more thankful
When caught in this disappointed handful
For the time that I spent alone on the streets
Now inside my home when it snows or sleets

Grateful to God giving praise when I pray
Behind locked doors where the wolves are at bay
Having a new roof and a warm cozy bed
With good hot meals and a place for my head

Some are still standing in the long soup line
Smelling like wet dogs and cheap screw cap wine
It’s choices they made of their own choosing
Most are smart men who’d rather be boozing

There are new families with kids in soup lines
Victims of lost jobs or the banks some combined
With a clean conscience, not judging, only examine
Is it a lack of faith, sin, trials or predetermined

We are the instruments of His ordained works
If we don’t help who’ll do the framework?
Offer aid and assistance when you can
We are all saved by grace and His plan

©2012 Michael Yost 3/18

Eternal Treasure (Revisited)

Nothing can hold back the tide
Nor lasso the circling moon
Keeping the sun from morning
Or stopping the spring cocoons

I can add to this my love
Your smile melting my heart
The depth of your sparkling eyes
Stealing my soul from the start

All that I have to give you
Is that my loves forever
And that you’ll be protected
As my eternal treasure

© 2012 Michael Yost 11/01

A Broken Bone

There you sit up high on your throne
Playing with your suitors by throwing a bone
I stood alone letting it fly by
Watching the weakest ones start to cry

Two of your suitors gnawed the bone in half
As I still stood alone and started to laugh
The price the winners paid left them bloody
Limping up the stairs ugly and muddy

As the Queen’s champion I blocked their sway
Only one man can pass by me this way
Two are stronger than one they spoke aloud
They took me down quickly and pleased the crowd

Now there’s two champions one on either side
No bones thrown now since the Queen’s satisfied
Covered with rotten food the Queen let me live
Showing her satisfaction for what I once did

© 2013 Michael Yost 02/16



Promises Broken

Your promises given splintered
Under the wheels of my trust
The dust rising to the heavens
Riding eddies with the wind’s gust

Looking down from heaven’s clouds
How small you are with your black heart
Seeing the broken promises you gave me
Gives me strength for a new start

© 2013 Michael Yost 02/14

Dragging My Heart

My heart drags behind me waiting to bust
Picking up small pebbles and blackened dust
Growing heavier with each step I make
I have to keep walking for my own sake

Having to widen my personal taste
Friendship’s the key so no reason for haste
Mirrors reminding me that I’m no catch
Reeling in my heart for the next match


©2013 Michael Yost 02/09

Evening Shore (revisited)

As I started towards the evening shore
It revealed foot prints that began at our door
Knowing they were yours going to the sea
I matched your strong gait feeling anxiety

There sitting alone at the water’s edge
The sand around you formed a wedge
High tide came and left a little moat
Left you sitting higher appearing to float

I called out your name now running towards you
Found you cross legged, hands in your lap blue
Eyes closed with a smile etched on your calm face
Suddenly left us laughing with your cool embrace

©2011 Michael Yost