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Stolen Childhoods

The Two-Minute Bible School

Broken believers comes through again.

Broken Believers

Found this recently and felt it might bless you.  It is almost a Bible survey course, and as about as brief as you can go without losing any kind of comprehension at all.  I so hope  you like this, if just for the novelty of it. I wish I could attribute it to someone. I have no idea. I wish them the best.


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Prompt 5

Naked somatic sylph underground depart light passing tether entice seamless

She was naked and sylph when she entered the room.

My inner self was calm but somatically my physical intentions were apparent.

Before I could get her attention she was pushed into the underground elevator.

And departed. I managed to get the next elevator after watching where her elevator stopped.

I counted each light that passed and realized that it didn’t stop on the floor I pushed.

I Thank Velvet who enticed me to use G.P.S. and was fortunate it was under her skin. An invisible tether.

That gave me seamless coverage of where I could find her.

Michael Yost

I misunderstood so forgive my first entry.

Prompt 5 Wordle Challenge


She tied my hands and feet with streams of left over satin
My imagination wants to resume our earlier passion
Looming large up ahead was her four poster bedroom
Then came the thoughts of my own sinking doom

How many people step aside or dive into their dreams
The old and passed prime also wants to play it seems
It was real as I knelt in front of your mirrored soul
Wanting to fill where my heart was that left a hole

The moon’s rising over the roads up ahead of me
No dreams for the near future that the dark clouds foresee
Expecting whatever bits and bytes that she might send
Left me running and reeling to the ones you let attend

© 2013 Michael Yost 05/24

My Earth Angel

Earth Angel
My earth angel
Lost to the stars
Walking watching
Being pulled
From above
Leaving earth to
Serving on high
And above telling a lie

Our time is gone
I’m letting go
To find another
Who understands
Earth Angel
My requited love

© 2013 Michael Yost 05/21


A Song from my birthday decade

Dangling For Fish

Feet dangling at the end of the pier
Our poles had a few bites
Nothing to get excited about
Then Perry brought in an empty Miller Lite

Sunshine almost gone behind the lake
When we both hooked on good sized beasts
Both struggling not to lose our meal
We managed to fight and land our feast

© 2013 Michael Yost 03/17


You left us without delegating
I know I’m splitting your curly hairs
It’s my responsibility now
To show we’re good under their glare

Is it confidence or consequents
To prove we have a great team
Or the cowards way of cutting staff
So not to hear their vacant screams

Coming back to see if your plan worked
The twist in your panties is your own bruising
In your absence we did better work
While your time off was your undoing

© 2013 Michael Yost 08/17