Prompt 5

Naked somatic sylph underground depart light passing tether entice seamless

She was naked and sylph when she entered the room.

My inner self was calm but somatically my physical intentions were apparent.

Before I could get her attention she was pushed into the underground elevator.

And departed. I managed to get the next elevator after watching where her elevator stopped.

I counted each light that passed and realized that it didn’t stop on the floor I pushed.

I Thank Velvet who enticed me to use G.P.S. and was fortunate it was under her skin. An invisible tether.

That gave me seamless coverage of where I could find her.

Michael Yost

I misunderstood so forgive my first entry.

Prompt 5 Wordle Challenge

6 responses to “Prompt 5

  1. Unless I misunderstood the challenge I don’t think you did…I think this is a very clever response to the prompt!! 🙂 🙂


  2. I didn’t realize you have posted another entry. This is fantastic Micheal =) I agree with Helen very clever take!


  3. Interesting piece.


  4. The new theme is up =)


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