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When Loins Join

Your worn words and intentions fade away
As you’ve spun more tired rhymes to sway
Forgotten lies begot more lies crowning
The children cry; our forgotten blessings

Keeping your reach cold but for when loins join
Even the man on the street gains his coins
Elevating your head above the clouds
You no longer hear, see or smell seed sowed

Your children need to understand you first
In order to know why they feel so cursed
With the deep sins of their father immersed
Your children do them easily rehearsed

Knowing better the proof held underneath
Giving the children the chance for the wreath
Children forgiving fathers for their sake
Hoping to nullify their mistakes

© 2013 Michael Yost 06/30

Dancing Alone

Dancing alone in the shadow filled room
Lung’s air rushing out causing the vacuum
Hearing conversations pulled through her ears
Trying hard not to listen what was inferred

The room started spinning inhaling doesn’t come
Caught up in the moment pirouetting stung
People trying to help turning into banshees
She fell on the floor begging on her knees

Please don’t take my life it’s already short
I haven’t had a chance to find my passport
Hanging on to other’s false promises
Where I might have a chance to live painless

Bloody spit circling down as the drain’s screams
Nothing left to grab onto in this dream
The vacuum’s nightmare seems like it won’t stop
Then I wake with sugar free lollipops

© 2013 Michael Yost 06/30

Dead Spread

Your cold limp hand slipped into my relapse
Hiding from the vertical gusts’ collapse
Blinding hail feels like a tight shotgun’s spread
Counting down from ten to waking the dead

The consequences known a head of time
Up the last two steps pleading like a mime
Heaving, coughing and choking welcomes death
All his emotions leave with his last breath

Laying there getting colder by the minute
Standing up and feeling his soul’s limits
Getting involved with tears flowing inside
Wishing now that I had a place to hide

The windy sky is falling with no rescue
Blue and white replaced by black and purple hues
Growing depression breaks on both shoulders
With lightening and thundering boulders

Shoulder blades quit and my mind turned black
Depression deepens the boulders wide tracks
Getting too close to other’s diseased minds
Or get cold limp hands close to my behind

© 2013 Michael Yost 06/28

Parading Past my Porch

I did it once more with my eyes open
Letting the ladies parade past my porch
Mates wanted to start pushing their buttons
I told them whistle songs and carry a torch

“Shipmates”, saying it with authority
Looking sober first may change priorities
Hopefully you’ll see and change your sway
This translucent world won’t shut down today

© 2013 Michael Yost 06/26

Broken Poets

Poets are broken somewhere somehow
Now found out and uncovered by the Tao
White heat heals the fractures in my life
And there’s the blood following my lives’ knife

When you’re down remember your blue pen
Peers wonder, but you don’t need to defend
Quickly write down your very own feelings
Your mending heart should sustain your healing

Shards of pottery fail the water test
Not coming through the harsh vowels expressed
The broken poet’s syllables won’t digest
And all because you’re feeling distress

© 2013 Michael Yost 06/24


I can’t beg off, it’s not my turn
There’s no one but for me to learn
Teaching our children matches burn
And know when lies should be discerned

She ran away taking my love
Leaving the door left with the dove
The dove flies and looks from above
Doing it only since she was shoved

Consequences given too late
Not understanding shoulder’s weight
The words meant nothing to forsake
Now I’m on a hill to undertake


© 2013 Michael Yost 06/24

Bent Arrows

Nothing in this world sets their fate
With all my red arrows quivered
Noses turned away at the bait
Even when their love’s delivered

A mystery for sure turns heads
When arrows fade into the void
Even shooting a measured spread
Hit their hearts or become unemployed

When Cupid or Eros are called
I arrive to spread new love there
Some came early having hearts walled
Now coming into new frontiers

Brick by brick their hearts started to show
Not wasting time hitting their mates
I stayed a while watching love grow
Noses turned towards their fates

© 2013 Michael Yost 06/22

Caught In the Turnstile Door

Whether awake or asleep I must dream
It has to be clear or hear death’s inward screams
The caption on my mirrors show’s through the dream
Counting down seconds for my new songs for dawn
It’s all in the cards, death by anxiety or death by a prawn

Closer to your end everyday and speeds
Relishing and embellishing your deeds
Conflicts circle the drain on my knees
So much for sleeping I look to cede

Awake or walking with confidence shown
Then tripped up by my shoe laces blown
Is it possible that my audience has already booked
Turn down the house lights there’s magic afoot
While dragging you outside with the actors hook 

Don’t let this turnstile grab me away from your hook
Somebody thought in the gathering I paid enough
The flames gaining strength curled out the open windows
Out the main door a crack house whores doing John Doe
Then ran making new appointments for score’s and more

Lieutenant Dan read my work saying I had my no leg to stand
I just had to help him get through the turnstile door
When a single prawn came crawling out of his pant leg


© 2013 Michael Yost 06/11

Bobby Sherman

The beginning of the end was 4-7-9-7
Picking emotions up, opposing momentums
Tears slipping falling, out of the heavens
Terra forming for my graying asylum

One number away chiseled 4-7-9-8
Social insecurities with burning reins
Wild Fire galloping towards Black Lake
His head in the smog out of hope, tears and pain

Storm raging seniors then and now Alumni
It was her falsetto screaming along the red line
Ducking out the back, it was the seventies and we tried
Finding Bobby Sherman’s limo…With his fans collective sigh

© 2013 Michael Yost 06/08

Time Better Spent

Why did you come back today
Hoping to find another way
But I have no answers for you
For finding your own doorway through

Stopping now you start to sink
You’ve seen enough of me think
Keep going and don’t look back
Failures always find your lacks

Future fables will destroy dreams
Nothing ahead is what it seems
Calling my name out in the crowds
Hoping to get above the clouds

Comfort you used to rely on
With crusted snot on was a con
The one piece Teddy she wears now
Gives more comfort if allowed

© 2013 Michael Yost 06/04

Prompt 6

Time Wrapped

Time has wrapped itself around all the clocks
Conflicted sit there and stare pulling at their socks
The hurdy gurdy man gazing with tranquility
He’s the man without credibility

Hoping what you found doesn’t kill or lead to a broil
Your tic toc has been strung out for another spoil
Giving you less time to trim your ships sail
For the storms up a head promises hale

It’s your crew on the main deck that have drowned 
Assured once again your going to go down
The green seas are boiling over your deck
Someone left their nails stuck in your sinking wreck

© 2013 Michael Yost 06/02

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