Time Wrapped

Time has wrapped itself around all the clocks
Conflicted sit there and stare pulling at their socks
The hurdy gurdy man gazing with tranquility
He’s the man without credibility

Hoping what you found doesn’t kill or lead to a broil
Your tic toc has been strung out for another spoil
Giving you less time to trim your ships sail
For the storms up a head promises hale

It’s your crew on the main deck that have drowned 
Assured once again your going to go down
The green seas are boiling over your deck
Someone left their nails stuck in your sinking wreck

© 2013 Michael Yost 06/02


For Poetry Pantry

8 responses to “Time Wrapped

  1. quite vivid the sinkiung of that ship///what do you expect though of one with little credibility…smiles. nice rhyme scheme


  2. Wow, that ending……. enjoyed the whole poem really, but the ending was really inspired.


  3. can this be a metaphor for a very bad investment?
    surely something to ponder here. 🙂


  4. Looks like you’re going down…hope you are wearing a life vest:)


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