Bobby Sherman

The beginning of the end was 4-7-9-7
Picking emotions up, opposing momentums
Tears slipping falling, out of the heavens
Terra forming for my graying asylum

One number away chiseled 4-7-9-8
Social insecurities with burning reins
Wild Fire galloping towards Black Lake
His head in the smog out of hope, tears and pain

Storm raging seniors then and now Alumni
It was her falsetto screaming along the red line
Ducking out the back, it was the seventies and we tried
Finding Bobby Sherman’s limo…With his fans collective sigh

© 2013 Michael Yost 06/08

2 responses to “Bobby Sherman

  1. You made Bobby Sherman and the 70’s way more interesting than I remember them.


  2. The new prompt it up =)


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