The Hair After 2

The drain devours my shed
Waking to pillow head
The mirror confirms worst
Premature loss and cursed

© 2013 Michael Yost 07/11

4 responses to “The Hair After 2

  1. LOL! Oh I can definitely feel this one Michael. I haven’t used hair products for years. 😉

    Thank you for dropping by my blog, and thank you for being a friend. 🙂

    I hope life is being good to you.


    • Trials make things better to deal with in the future. Had some rough waves but the boat still floats!! smiles
      Good to read you, looking for more when they come.


  2. My husband started going bald very early, in his mid twenties now at 33 he just shaves everything off. I haven’t experienced baldness but I took a medication that caused me to lose my hair. Now if you have seen pictures of me I have a lot of hair and it was horrific the contents of the shower floor gathered could have made a full-sized chewbacca. I had to stop taking the medicine.

    The new prompt is up =)


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