First summer Saturday syncs us all
Making all our problems appear small
Gain and reinforce family allies
And distance ourselves to those who lie

Looking at this with wide open eyes
Reunions are more than warm apple pie
Jealousy of those who have succeeded
Their harvest came because they seeded

Jack stole the plum pie and thought it was good
We knew the truth because Jack’s a hood
Some of the family were plum glum
Forgiving Jack thence love overcomes

© 2013 Michael Yost 07/13

16 responses to “Reunion

  1. Ah, perhaps it is a good thing such reunions come only once a year. I can imagine the gaining and reinforcing of family allies….and also the jealousies. Reunions sound like good ideas, but are they? Well penned.


  2. I love “their harvest came because they seeded.” Awesome!


  3. i like the feeling of family, of togetherness in this one.


  4. ha. a rather fun rhythm to this sir…family reunions area treat…some of the characters you dont see otherwise and wonder which limb they fell from…love wins though, that is def good…its all that drama and more…smiles.


  5. Wrong day for me to read, ‘hood’. Reunions are odd affairs, negotiating interactions with few you know and more who you don’t.


  6. Oh yes, you sum up family and reunions so well. Nicely captured!


  7. this is a really fun read. enjoyed it! 🙂


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