Never Really Healed

Heavy in my chest
Broken from the weight
Never been this pressed
Swallowing your bait

Pillow talk a lie
And you drool and fart
Now I testify
In my mind sweetheart

Alone again used
Indescribable pain
Yesterday refused
Seeking what to gain

Truths need to be told
Opening my ears
Keeping my mouth closed
No matter how severe

© 2013 Michael Yost 08/03

20 responses to “Never Really Healed

  1. Wow. I so know the pain of relationships, kiddo. Makes being alone seem easy in contrast! Well written. Love the meter of this one.


  2. Sometimes memories stay with a person and eat away….


  3. This is a sad situation ~ Title is fitting for your words~


  4. The pain of betrayal is the worst kind, Michael. Nice write.


  5. Ken W. Simpson

    Creatively unique.


  6. at times, pain is a way to learn.

    cheer up.
    enjoyed your writing.


  7. Hey… Where are you? How are you? Are you not writing these days?


  8. My computer was broken and it took a while to get it fixed. Just started to write again but the record has a lot of scratches. It’ll be coming along soon. %)


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