Monthly Archives: April 2014

Walking The Words

It’s a brand new day to walk the words
Sometimes the words get lazy
Making sure they all continue forward
Keep them above “those” words like crazy

Jumping through the hoops keeps them ready
Putting together ideas and thoughts
Some are full of light others heady
Then writing which one that should be caught

© 2014 Michael Yost 04/27

Waking Up Your Bride

Come on into your dream
I promise you won’t scream
The night is lonely
Come and be my only

I too want you always
I know your fantasies
The sheets are red satin
You open my passion

Come steal away my heart
Close your eyes come let’s start
Always keeping you satisfied
And waking up your bride

© 2014 Michael Yost 04/25

shared Jason Crews’s video.

Sage and Lavender (2)

Sage and lavender
Enhance the evening air
Bach stirs the quite soul

Warming her shivers
Breath sounds coming quicker now
Nuzzling soft ear lobe

Pulling back to smile
Your soft laughter and blushing
My soul rejoices

2012© Michael Yost 01/17

Pete (2)


That’s Pete and myself 20 years ago.
Today I walked the rail alone, because Pete had to ride.
It was a beautiful coach and everything;
He always looked his best in his dress blues.

It was a beautiful spring morning then too.
The ground was soft that morning and fruitful;
The worms we got were huge and the trout ate em up.
Almost as big as the ones crawling out from under that tarp.

I brought this picture today to remember important things.
Pete’s sacrifice is obvious and full of meaning.
What’s not so obvious is that
Pete greased the last three feet of that rail.

© 2011 Michael Yost

Pete is everyone’s brother, son and father

Wars Last Stand (2)

The rust runs off red
Machinery froze
Black fluids bled

Collecting the dead
Sun’s bleach expose
The rust runs off red

Flame not right yet
Bodies decompose
Black fluids bled

Bound and broken treads
Rendering of foes
The rust runs off red

Bloated children fed
Torn pennant blows
Black fluids bled

Grinding bones for bread
Stark machines pose
The rust runs off red
Black fluids bled

© 2011 Michael Yost

The Bridge (2)

The Bridge

I wander alone down this road
My cart has one wheel that wobbles
What belongs to me is what you see
Don’t try to take it from me or squabble

Coming to a broken concrete bridge
The only way to get past the river
Up ahead a clown jumped up and down
Showing it’s safe but the river made him shiver

What do you see when you read
Two men at their end of their future
I see what happens when two men don’t heed
Who have nothing to show for their adventures

© 2013 Michael Yost 07/23