Sage and Lavender (2)

Sage and lavender
Enhance the evening air
Bach stirs the quite soul

Warming her shivers
Breath sounds coming quicker now
Nuzzling soft ear lobe

Pulling back to smile
Your soft laughter and blushing
My soul rejoices

2012© Michael Yost 01/17

4 responses to “Sage and Lavender (2)

  1. Just beautiful! It almost has a S & G “Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme” feel to it. Loved it.


    • Kind words b4 noon will help the afternoon. smile. Thank you very much!


      • Ooh, that’s what I enjoy most, a rhyming poet! 🙂 So — would you agree with me about the Simon & Garfunkel feel to the poem? I know some people don’t like them so I just used the letters of their last names — but come to think of it — so what? I am not ashamed of the era I grew up in. 🙂


  2. I love them too, but I am a rock an island. Yep I’m growing up with them still. Good ole Tom and Jerry started when I was an adorable 3 yr old. snicker..


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