A Day in a New Life

Witnessing their baby sister
Coming from her safe and warm world
To a cold bright room with doctors
Cutting her tether off she curled

The kids gained new respect for mom
Sister was wrapped like a mummy
Now mom and sister became calm
She found mom’s breast and it was yummy

© 2014 Michael Yost 05/15A Day in a New Life

Witnessing New Life

7 responses to “A Day in a New Life

  1. Great photo scene, encompassing almost all the characters (except Dad, who may be the one behind the camera). Definitely a story shot…one that brings back many memories (I gave birth to my 4 in hospital and attended my friend’s older kids when she gave birth at home). I have only a few photos of those momentous days, and none as complete as this one. Thanks for sharing with the Bardo Group!


  2. A sweet memory, Michael. Have you recently welcomed a new child into the family?


  3. Yes. She’s getting all the attention on the table. 3 years ago? Isabella and the other two are Kiyah and Bethany watching everything they were allowed to. Jessica, my favorite daughter, is the young lady in bed on the left side of the pic


  4. This is brave, to have your children at the birth of their new sibling and a study of life to boot.


    • They’re my grand kids and daughter. She let the kids in as soon as the doctor finished with the event. My daughter is on the east coast and I’m on the west so I was absent because you never know how long labor is going to last and the cost was really prohibited.


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