Love at Ten

Let me find that gentle smile
That makes me feel juvenile
Stuttering my feelings I blush
Everyone believes it’s a crush

I’ve loved you since I turned ten
God only knows why it was then
Your eyes, your smile and velvet cheeks
Those were the things I did peek

Ten years later I feel the same
My regret is I’m filled with shame
Not being a Prince, a different caste
Poured as a mold into a class

I had to let her go that day
Her dowry was given away
She married the Prince and he died
Then flashed an evil look in her eyes

She got up and ran away clean
Not leaving a visible crime scene
She followed my trail to me here
Then said it would be alright dear

My feelings were stressed for ten years
Standing together never so near
Now she’s ready I’m feeling juvenile
Her velvet cheek had a tear and a smile

© 2014 Michael Yost 05/17


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