May I Wonder Aloud (Repeat)

Like the song, I ask where have all the flowers gone.
Where are the people that were part of my life growing
up as a babe and young boy?
I know the answer; they have slipped away into a memory
I have the memories, deep memories, I should be happy.

Next the teenage years and a lot of the same people are
there; but there’s new ones too. They were priming me
for the new adult life and the first loves of a teen. It was
happy anxiety. Those people and the girls have all slipped
away into memories. I have the memories, deep memories,
I should be happy.

As a young man the 7 seas were going to be my home and I married a young lady to keep my house. We had one child and finally four growing up and out of the home. They all have a wife and a husband of their own. Those children raised me! The wife and I drew apart and the family all slipped away into memories. I have the memories, deep memories, I should be happy.

Aging as people do, I found a few friends; the kids were
all far away and I turned to writing as an outlet. Nothing
was ever published, but that didn’t matter; the writing
was for my benefit, no one else’s. One day the Doctor
told me I would soon lose my memories and after a
while I would finally die. So now I write even more of my
memories, so I can remember them; so I should be happy.

© 2012 Michael Yost 2/7

7 responses to “May I Wonder Aloud (Repeat)

  1. Beautiful writing, Michael. 🙂


  2. Thanks Paul. I’ve been hibernating for the last part of winter and spring. It’s good to be back.. somedays..not so much, but I’m trying to write through it and it’s working most of the time. Hope your last few months have treated you well. My youngest and his wife have delivered another grand child. So now they’re all going through the Happy Anxiety of parenthood. Stay in the loop… Gotta run.. the phone


  3. That’s a wonderful poem, Michael. Is it autobiographical?


  4. All but the last verse. That did happen to my mom. She passed a few years ago at the age of 83. At 73ish she was losing whole blocks of time. Dementia has almost no meds to stop it. It’s heredity may or may not touch my life. So far only a few senior moments so far.


  5. Michael, I’m so sorry for your loss. Dementia is such a sad illness because in a way, part of the person dies long before the body does. I have senior moments, too, but because of chemotherapy 4 years ago and not dementia. However, I hope for the best for you and I. 🙂


  6. I’m hoping that you beat it. Your comments didn’t say either way And thank you for your comments!


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