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Senryu 41

Words lost on my tongue
Passion drained from my being
Death didn’t leave a song

© 2011 Michael Yost 08/28

Ancient Civilization

Alex has the eye of an artist

Haiku 16 and 17

Haiku 16

Unless we want change
What we are now we will be
Watch the bent sapling

© 2012 Michael Yost 03/08


Haiku 17

Koala smiles bright
Abstract vision delight
Winter’s nose a sight

© 2012 Michael Yost 01/30

Death Intertwined

The ebony wall pushing me from behind

The wall and my back are locked, intertwined

Heels almost dragged under as it goes

My gaunt eyes staring forward, froze


Ahead at the white line past my nose

I count on my fingers all my past woes

Shoulders pushed forward with my head hanging low

Cursing it’s not my fault, I’m predisposed


Awake in my apartment the line’s on the mirror

I take what’s there to make my mind clearer

The dream starts over being pushed from behind

My head and the white line are intertwined


© 2011 Michael Yost

First Printed 07/23/11



Low in The Whole

You’re low in the whole with no way out
Your lungs and throat bleed with every shout
Fingernails scraping off strips of your soul
Never satisfying incubi with your whole soul

Tripping your way in with sins in your heart
Falling into your whole is where you start
Chains hold your spirit inches from the top
All you could do is pray that it would stop

This isn’t fatal but it is forever
Letting the Lord hold tight to your tether
The tether will let you go left or right
But you’re never out of Lord’s keen sight

Sliding deeper still into your soul’s whole
Grabbing the incubi’s bowl with the hole
Working hard to bring back happy smiles
No wait you are still in your dark denial

© 2014 Michael Yost 08/15

patiently awaiting promotion and for things to get better.

Impressive. A lot of thought went into your work. Your head and hand worked well together!! smile…

UP!::urban po'E.Tree(s)

patiently awaiting promotion and for things to get better.

everything is being modified, designed, stratified, digitized, maximized then minimized, marketed, socialized, manipulated then redistributed, imitated, upgraded, patented, repackaged, reformatted, made over, made up and everyone just gives in, bows down, let’s go, fades out.
so then do people really trust society, believe in anything or just have no choice?
so that today for all intents and purposes becomes another slicker, faster, cheaper version of yesterday.
everyday commits tiny actions that feel dirty inside like part of soul slowly being sold out, away.
thus the shame.
the shame of feeling, touch, nakedness, and dreaming- never doing but just thinking, of being passive aggressive and words over action.
the shame of only going half way because it’s easier to follow.
the shame, the guilt of shame.
of everyday allowing part of self to disappear in the name of profit as everything’s so…

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The Sea is Green

What do you think when I come to mind?
I like to balance my thoughts, or so I’m inclined
Good times we shared, are you being kind?
Or are they bad and sad, becoming cut off and blind

The two steps between soon will be three
Unless you turn round and come back to me
What was the reason you decided to flee?
You knew from the start I must go to sea

There were two souls between us, now three
Will you rip out the one and set yourself free?
Cutting our limb off the family tree
Where our reconciliation is the only key

What do you think when we come to mind?
Will you balance our thoughts and let them bind?
Like they once were when we were combined
Instead, I have to sail away, and leave us behind

© 2011 Michael Yost

Nothing Like before


The world is empty and void without you

As I spin the flesh falls off and drifts into space

Raw emotions left at the pulsating core

With nothing left to embrace

Nothing like before


The cold vacuum ices over the warmth of distant stars

Drawing out the last bit of life I have left

Pulsating less and less till no more

Frozen solid conscious yet alive stalling death

Nothing like before


Or does your conscience just stream and dream

When you die, left spinning, just beginning

The world is empty and void without you anymore

No forgiveness of my sinning

Nothing like before


© 2011 Michael Yost 06/09

Spleen and Relationshit

Low in the Whole.

Two Shadows Together as One

All of this confusion was never meant to be

Suddenly my future is going to the blue sea

Trying to grasp her shadow I fall on my face

My life forever changed and all I do is pace


Being free I miss what I hated most

Having way too much time to slide and coast

Now it takes a lot of work to sit and do not a thing

I had lots of ideas then that I could do on a wing


Nothing can stop me now except my free will

The images of what was, over flow’s my fill

Coming from my eyes and the silent screams inside

The sun is rising, laying in my sweat and my head is fried


It’s a new day expecting to find my my new way

So many voices from the crowd but I must say

Rising above the chatter clearing my brain

Must find the the door of progress to the next pain


Now I start floating up and rise above the noise

Her shadow is still silent and I’m losing my poise

Let me ask one last question that I am now free

Will our shadows ever merge and come to be


© 2014 Michael Yost 08/05