Two Shadows Together as One

All of this confusion was never meant to be

Suddenly my future is going to the blue sea

Trying to grasp her shadow I fall on my face

My life forever changed and all I do is pace


Being free I miss what I hated most

Having way too much time to slide and coast

Now it takes a lot of work to sit and do not a thing

I had lots of ideas then that I could do on a wing


Nothing can stop me now except my free will

The images of what was, over flow’s my fill

Coming from my eyes and the silent screams inside

The sun is rising, laying in my sweat and my head is fried


It’s a new day expecting to find my my new way

So many voices from the crowd but I must say

Rising above the chatter clearing my brain

Must find the the door of progress to the next pain


Now I start floating up and rise above the noise

Her shadow is still silent and I’m losing my poise

Let me ask one last question that I am now free

Will our shadows ever merge and come to be


© 2014 Michael Yost 08/05

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