Thoughts and More Thoughts

When you’ve collected enuff for publication let me know so I can buy the first book

Michael S Marsters

I recently posted several little nuggets in a “Thought-a-day” blog on Goodreads. However, a minuscule view count resulted from those efforts, so I have decided to discontinue that blog and repost the best of the lot here, and perhaps in the future post more bite-sized contemplations here as well. Enjoy!


Virtue belongs to us all;
Vice is yours or mine alone.


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?
Perhaps imitation is the most honest
form of envy.


Love transforms a stranger into family.
There is nothing more magical than that.


Modesty is praying for
rather than demanding


Instead of rearranging deckchairs
on the Titanic, perhaps we can
drop them into the ocean.
Then our misplaced priorities
will at least survive us as Darwin
could never have predicted.


Things are only random
until you understand ’em.


Copyright 2015 by Michael Marsters.
All rights…

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