Is this life really worth it

A poet worthy of a visit and to follow.

Homo est Machina


Is this life really worth it
to do one’s duty and one’s bit?
For every candle that is lit
I have a sin or two to commit.

Is this the way to paradise
or should I think about it twice?
I will not act on your advice,
against all odds I’ll roll my dice.

Is this the verse where truth abides?
Consider this from all the sides.
Whom to trust when no one guides
your body where your spirit hides.

Is this the voice of reason speaking?
I do not hear it, my heart is beating.
New whims and fancies I am seeking
beyond all sense and all meaning.

Is this the end my beloved friend?
Please do not answer, just pretend.
My hand to you I will extend,
on no one else I can depend.

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