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Made in my Blood

Caught her leaving without so much as a goodbye
Saying the world we put together had up and dried
The drought claimed our children and we almost died
Tilled the land, planted seed and watered as we cried

Then you bring up promises made in my blood
Too many prayers or curses brought the flash flood
Our children’s graves washed out over own crud
Now we endlessly dance on each other’s dust and mud

© 2015 Michael Yost 04/30

Watt’s the Matter Baltimore*

No way should we play about the way of the street
Look in their eyes find the spy with blood on their feet
We must turn on a dime so we can escape their heat
To get away from those who scare so we can retreat

© 2015 Michael Yost 04/29

*Please Don’t Loot And Burn Down Your Neighborhoods

The Fizz

They have said it before but it truly is
Golden or like a street lamp’s deafening fizz
Tripping, cursing and stumbling into the snow
My words fell quickly into the drifting glow

The street lamp is gone and the moon is rising
Now It’s so brightening It’s almost blinding
The flakes and stars sparkled in competition
Taking time now I see the exhibition

© 2015 Michael Yost 04/27

Beyond Purpose

We all have a purpose beyond who we are
Ignoring it and pushing it too far
Everyone knows it comes up too late
Ignoring me and pushing me to hate

Now just around the next corner I peeked
This far away I could smell him he reeked
Leaving mom and me alone long ago
We each forgave watching bloody piss flow

© 2015 Michael Yost 04/26


The Restraint of a Saint

What about yesterday you had no complaints
You complimented my old technique with your taint
Now the third degree when you knew I wasn’t a saint
Dam be your pleasure now I’ll show more restraint

© 2015 Michael Yost 04/26


Never Again Again

The pressure is familiar weighing heavily on my chest and feelings. Happening at least two times in the past. One left me flat on my back with tubes coming out of everywhere with various colors flowing. The second one was the worst place I’ve ever been.
Pushed again into the darkest area of my psyche. No hand or footholds to help me out and I started to cry uncontrollably for no real reason.
Then they came in like what spirits might do. I only guess of course but very different from the last time. Gaining control of my heaving they seemed not to see or hear me when I tried to introduce myself.
So I’m alone again falling deeper into myself without any hope of coming out of it. Now they’re translucent and disappearing. Losing track of time and days melting together with only one line left.

© 2015 Michael Yost 04/25


Blame it on Hoover

Hoover Dam

Fun With 50?

After all my tubes and wires were taped down, they took out the cath and got me out of bed. Standing up the dam broke and I became a fountain spinning round in circles. You can get the pitcher can’t you?

© 2015 Michael Yost 04/25


Mutual Contract

It is a matter of fact
We all have needs to attract
Now getting older we act
We strut for mutual contract

Now she forwards turgid fronts
Tight zippers bearing the brunt
Baring their prize for her hunt
She passed ignoring their stunt

© 1915 Michael Yost 04/24


“Life Is Calling” BETH HART LYRICS

Sunday morning the world’s still sleeping

And the rain keeps falling like angels weeping
And I, I feel the tears on my skin
They’re trying to tell me something I listen

Blues and yellows tap on my window
And I let the night go with all my shadows
And I, I feel the sun on my skin
It’s trying to tell me something I listen

Life is calling, life is calling
Life is calling out my name
Make it matter say it louder
Stay alive another day
Life is calling out my name

Perfect houses with good intentions
Where the happy families hide their broken dishes
And I, I hear the scars on my skin
They’re trying to tell me something so I listen

Life is calling, life is calling
Life is calling out my name
Make it matter say it louder
Stay alive another day
Life is calling out my name

It’s the wind over the ocean
It’s the secrets in the sand
It’s all trying to tell me something
So I’m listening

Life is calling, life is calling
Life is calling out my name
Make it matter just say it louder
Stay alive another day
Life is calling, life is calling
Life is calling out my name


What we remember

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Rounder than a full moon but just as pale
Is this perfect memory of feelings
Nailed on the wall of time, framed in golden,
Watercolours fading in each other
The almost white pink of our tenderness,
The blueish green of mornings without you,
An image of all we thought was forgotten.
But the nail is squeaking in the evening breeze
And one day the wall will let go of everything.

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Another smile

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Pushed again into the chasm
By your familiar smile
Breathing becomes pointless
In my never ending fall

I’ll bite my lips to blood
And spit away the poison
Of a once true love
And a kiss I can’t forget.

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Another Day In A Life

What more could you possibility want
Walking all around all you do is flaunt
I tried to help your brother you looked beyond
Taking all he had forsaking your bond

Why do you drain your twin why don’t you share
In the past you were one but both the pair
Then growing apart both loving Romeo
Pushing and pulling behind as he’s goes

Stopping and watching him walking away
Henry and Henrietta started yelling stay
Then he turned around with tears in his eyes
As a Herm they didn’t know Dad said he’d die

© 2015 Michael Yost 04/16


Their Depressions

I can’t speak of geniuses and their depression but I too wallow in words. A few tears choked and primed presses the accelerator towards oncoming traffic or walls if necessary. Unaware or no one cares about the body count as long as I get the well deserved attention from those I love the most? Look at me, stroke my head, see me touch me feel me. Even Tommy knows the score and listen very intently and you might hear Rod Sterling saying, “On the sign post ahead It’s an area which we call … The Twilight Zone….”

© 2015  Michael Yost 04/10


Thanks, Stigma. Loved the last 4 lines

Have It All

In a perfect world we’d have it all
Poet’s would have their favorite pen
Or a keyboard where it’s hard to scrawl

Spitting out tropes like Peter’s Plan
While Wendy’s been humming and hawking
Keeping her head above the quicksand

Hook doesn’t know he’s winding out of time
Mr Grin waiting, watching and grinding teeth
Tic toc tic toc music so sublime

©2015 Michael Yost 04/07