Made in my Blood

Caught her leaving without so much as a goodbye
Saying the world we put together had up and dried
The drought claimed our children and we almost died
Tilled the land, planted seed and watered as we cried

Then you bring up promises made in my blood
Too many prayers or curses brought the flash flood
Our children’s graves washed out over own crud
Now we endlessly dance on each other’s dust and mud

© 2015 Michael Yost 04/30

2 responses to “Made in my Blood

  1. “This is what happened in love. Both of you cried a lot, then one of you became sarcastic.”

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  2. How can you say that…? smile Just a snapshot of things that happened during the dust bowl in the 30’s… We are going to have our own “Dust Bowl” in the near future. The sky is starting to fall.


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