Over Duet

Who should I address these love letters to
The girls I fell in love with years too few
I am sorry that they are way overdue
But still hold the meaning my loving you

Can’t hold on to reality much longer
It’s hard to define one from another
Degrees of pain seems to be the measure
Try erasing gains off the pain’s ledger

So we grasp another with devotion
Tugging, hugging and feeling emotion
Without overdoing your burning charcoal
Would you please stay and fill the loopholes

© 2015 Michael Yost 05/22

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2 responses to “Over Duet

  1. Been off for a week. Everything ok? 🙂


  2. Physical stuff. Adding to the shoulder and knees I now am the proud owner of a sprained right foot. don’t mess up my names of things.. like my “ankle knuckle”, right side of right side foot. sprained from the Achilles, under the knuckle and spreading on top of my piggies… almost the size of the calf circumference. let me tell you if it weren’t for the Vicodin and fentanyl I’d have my toenails embedded into the ceiling.


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