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Who can fill me in on self publishing vs finding a publisher?  I’m finding that this can be overwhelming.… Thanks in advance for your information and support.

My Reality

When I start I have no idea why
Words sputter in and out multiply
Now and again they pop out freely
No rhyme or reason or boundaries

Are you sensing my reality now
I have a strong commitment to vows
The promises that I keep aloud
Are the ones my conscience allows

© 2015 Michael Yost 06/26

Forever When I Awake

Forever continues when I awake
On my first cup of coffee and heart aches
Walking down off the porch and to the lake
Reeling in the beauty of what to make

My time is now mine with no boss a round
Enjoying my freedom and the things I found
Something’s I keep in the foreground
But most is hid in my secret underground

I’ve said too much and they’ll try and find
All my secrets I keep deep in my mind
They say I’m crazy and keep me confined
Now watch me manipulate humankind

© 2015 Michael Yost 06/26


Go Ask Alice

Hey can you hear or see me today
I’m in the looking glass with Alice
My image’s captured I have to stay
As long as I’m here with no malice

She’s five foot six and I think you know
Logic and proportions are fading
Look in her glass as my image goes
There’s nothing to see if it’s breaking

A hookah needs to stay a whole bowl
But inhaled to the size of a mole
It’s just Carlos Castaneda’s soul
Smoking everything naturale

© 2015 Michael Yost 06/25

Abandoned (Dad Who?)

After nine months in and nine months out
You stole away a coward without a shout
A mother of forty a son in her arms
When you left that day you stole all their charms
Going to work now I will be back tonight
When the door slammed shut you took off in flight
Abandoned alone in a cold water flat
She knew in her heart you wouldn’t be back


© 2015 Michael Yost 06/21

Let’s Make Him Squeal

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Why do you cry
Please dry your eyes
Sorry he left
Don’t speak of death

You cut your wrist
He’ll laugh dismissed
Know my love’s real
Let’s make him squeal

More are chasing
Him for patching
Their broken hearts
For a fresh start

Let’s dry your eyes
Breathe deep and sigh
It’s good he left
Let’s whisper death

© 2015 Michael Yost 06/21

This Then That

Can’t get no satisfaction

Not locking in on anything

Adrift on the wind caprice

Fourth line slips; like a greased pig

I started to change myself talk

Gaining new strength with every word

This is truly who I am today

I don’t need another cure

Versifying verifies our voice

The voice that holds us up high

As long as we write down our words

They’ll define who we are and we’ll not die

© 2012 Michael Yost 05/12



Do Less For More

Why do we skate these reindeer games
Has the snow and ice frozen your brains
Think I’ll forget now it’s turned to rain
Slipping on the black ice with new pain

Lies opened your exotic drawer
Red teddies and strings are less for more
Speeding towards a climatic score
Let the music play on, skate and soar

© 2015 Michael Yost 06/15



Phlegm Gurgles

Phlegm gurgles from the bottom of my lungs
Breathing still takes more of an effort
My new sense of smell picks up old men’s dung
Stale cigs still reeks and makes my chest hurt

Almost awake I try to remember
Phlegm keeps gurgling and my head is swollen
The night seemed short and drink gave me no cheer
Ass is on fire, should I feel my colon?

© 2015 Michael Yost 06/13

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Purrrfect blend of photography and verse. Love It

Siren Whispers


She has dreams.

Dreams of being naked

And kneeling

At his feet.

Head lowered.

Eyes down.

Awaiting his pleasure.

Awaiting his touch.

And when the touch comes

A caress of her cheek

A stroke of her hair

She positively purrs with pleasure.

Knowing that she belongs to him

That she is wanted

And adored.

Knowing that her need to serve him

Is accepted

And rejoiced in.

Knowing unequivocally

That her place

Is with him

At his feet.

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Our Glass of Sand

Pushing on past time and space
Touched by fire with her radiant embrace
Chest to breast, hearts synced in a race
Never ever wanting, to leave this place

Scent of her hair ear, lobe cool to the touch
Loins rushing red, our lips about to brush
Breathe quickened now, soon to combust
These feelings must not only, be given to lust

Fingers running down, her arms to her hands
Our eyes locked in smile, lingering in stand
We were almost part of something banned
As time stood still for a moment, in our glass of sand

©2011 Michael Yost



I need to be helped by your warm hands

Helping wipe off the cold golden sand

The sun’s ebbing with ocean’s waves

Your hands are pressing for more, behave


© 2015 Michael Yost 06/10

The Face of War

From the peaks of areola mountains
And the lush vaginal valley’s depth
We cede to the wrist’s demanding time
The face fails to stop the sighs that leaped

Our face’s hands will not be interrupted
Only our memories coincide long
Drums closer and louder demands more
Cacophony won’t wash way our song
© 2012 Michael Yost 06/24

Looking Glass

You’re laughing out loud again
How long do you think you can pretend
Looking at your looking glass, your weakness
Talking to his mirror’s only friend

© 2015 Michael Yost 06/09

Shoulders Ballooning*

Tension in my shoulders ballooning
I want to break Hannah and her horse
There’s voices coming from actors lips
Not their own and speak with volume down

How to deal with this torment alone
I know get off my ass and phone
some friend………

© 2015 Michael Yost 06/08

*Started 3 days ago

The Devil’s Bait

The poems and the songs have already been written
Because the depth of the well never ends
No length of rope will let you draw from it
Might as well put down your pen

A coward’s way out, for sure they say
But no one has tied the ropes together
Or put one end of the rope on a team of mules
And lowered the bucket and tether

We finally hear a splash from below
And then we brought up the bucket
I really don’t know what we expected as it arrived
But it came back filled with water

Sure it quenched our dried thirst at first, as we went ahead and drank it
For some, the words came tumbling out
And we scribbled down our thanks
With the crowd scattered around, we went ahead and sang it

So when you’re stuck just look around
At all that we can appreciate
Write the psalms down quick, before it’s too late
Thank the heavens for what you have, and don’t take the devil’s bait

© 2011 Michael Yost

Reverie Memories

There’s only one in my memory
That’s part of all my reveries
All the others once tied, drifted by
All the other’s words have lied

In my reveries I slowly sigh
In my memories I slowly die
In my waiting I comply
In my acceptance I occupy

There’s only one in my memory
Who comes to me da il ly
She’s part of all my reveries
Knowing she’ll never come back to me

© 2011 Michael Yost

Finding Lift

Running against the wind you find lift
Enjoying the altitude it’s a gift
Soaring the thermals finding the prey
Seeing bikinis my wings turn to clay

Now twenty feet above the black lake
I’m scared and hoping my legs don’t brake
Target is so dam big I couldn’t miss
Pointing toes slice into the abyss

Speed and weight sucked me into the silt
Up over my knees I started to wilt
Begging the two girls please come and help
Sinking deeper now tied in the kelp

Looking down now from the pearly gate
The four of us did drown but don’t hate
Suits have no pockets no money this time
Door bell’s broke the phone takes dimes

© 2015 Michael Yost 06/06

Pseudoephedrine Doesn’t make Crystal-meth Only People Make Crystal-meth

I’m sorry I was one of the individuals that used. 11 yrs straight now but you shouldn’t be punished for my sins.


Once upon a time I had allergies and when I went to the doctor he prescribed Claritin-D and it was like a wonder drug. It cleared my nose up and I was able to breathe again and since he gave me a prescription for it and I had a prescription plan through my work it was relatively inexpensive. Then it was announced that Claritin-D would be available over the counter and that I would no longer need a prescription and that this would be wonderful news for allergy sufferers all across America because we would no longer have to see a doctor in order to obtain the drug. Of course now I had to pay full price for Claritin-D and it was much more expensive but at least it was still available.

Then one day I went to purchase my monthly supply of Claritin-D and it was nowhere to be…

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Polecats hiding behind the moon
Waiting for his turn hoping it’s soon
Carcass brilliant red against the snow
Sticky and staying put while the wind blows

The bear has had his full and leaving
It’s polecat’s chance and starts waddling
Carrion try sweeping in for a bite
Dark covers the earth for a good night

Polecats drags their portion to hide
“Moonbow’s colors and needs to abide
Hunger over takes everyone
Down to the marrow the bit of fun

© 2015 Michael Yost 06/02